Schiefer, Josef mountainside
Josef Schiefer

mountainside-fields, 2018
acrylic on canvas
195 x 250cm

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where the air is rare                       16.12.22 – 24.02.23

If one does not know that the landscapes of Josef Schiefer are paintings, with distance one could think of watercolors or a printing technique. The structures of his pictures remind of printing blocks, although they seem to float light as a feather in front of the wall. As if chiseled, the finest structures meet, reminiscent of the abstract expressionism of the 40s in the America. Only seemingly bleached and covered with a delicate mist. One could think that this is decelerated action painting. With his painting technique, Schiefer manages to simultaneously hide a landscape and yet intensify it. Japanese valleys and slopes lying in transparent fog seem to appear, mysteriously flowing and radiating contemplative silence.

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December 16, 2022