THE MET 1 Gursky

Andreas Gursky
Fukuyama, 2004
305,4 x 207 cm
MET Hotel installation view

THE MET 2 Wurm

Erwin Wurm
, 2007
polyester resin, glass fibre, metal sheet, original Porsche roof
95 x 542 x 297 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 3 Pardo

Jorge Pardo
, 2007
polycarbonate, light bulb
194 x 79,5 x 63 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 5 Arocha

Carla Arocha
Marauder, 2007
steel, mirrors
500 x 150 x 900 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 6 Baiker

Ralph Baiker
Zeus, 2009
diasecface, aluminium honeycomb panel
235 x 173,78 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 7 Brahm

Daniela Brahm
Ideal / Privacy, 2004
Oil on paper
250 x 150 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 8 Holzer

Jenny Holzer
Amber Truisms Living / Blue Laments Arno, 2008
12 semi- circular LED signs, blue and amber diodes, light filter
each 4,8 x 53 x 27,6 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 11 Struth

Thomas Struth
Museo del Prado 2, Madrid, 2005
185 x 200 cm

THE MET 9 Holzer Copy

Tony Oursler
Purple Void, 2005
aluminium and acrylic, LCD screen
106,7 x 111,8 x 2,5 cm
THE MET installation view

THE MET 10 Steinkamp

Jennnifer Steinkamp
Dervish 12, 2004
video installation
THE MET installation view

THE MET 12 Varela

Jannis Varelas
Untitled, 2006
Pencil, charcoal, c-print, paper, aluminium foil on paper
281,9 x 152,4 cm

THE MET 13 Viola

Bill Viola
Three Women, 2008
colour high- definition video on plasma display
156 x 92 x 12 cm
9,06 min

THE MET 14 Wright

Edward Wright
Heir, 2007
oil and acrylic on canvas, walnut
150 x 106 cm
THE MET installation view

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This motto has accompanied me throughout my whole life as a gallery owner and art consultant. For the art collection of the MET Hotel in Thessaloniki, however, it was an ideology and not just a motto.

Always on the lookout for both well-known and unknown artists, I consulted over many years the owners of the MET Hotel to create an unique and breathtaking art collection. Highly committed to the fostering of art the owners supported large-scale art projects that are open to the public. For the first time worldwide, an exhibition concept that follows museum standards was developed and realised in the rooms and spaces of a hotel. The Owners of the hotel want to offer an extraordinary experience to the guests of the MET Hotel: to live in close contact with works of art that usually can only be viewed in museums or private art collections.

Mirko Mayer

all installation photos: Ralph Baiker

Mirko Mayer
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