PLATINO externs retrospective

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01.09.23 – 27.10.23

Platino was born in Öhringen in 1948. He studied philosophy at the University of Tübingen and painting and sculpture at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. His focus on life and work is located in Stuttgart. Platino's works are part of many institutional collections and have been shown in numerous museums in Europe.

In 2017, the Hans Thoma Prize was awarded to his artistic oeuvre, which has consistently re-situated the possibilities of painting, photography and spatial installation in an artistic process since the 1970s. The award comprised Platino's site-specific works in and on spaces (Spaces), the so-called Externs (their transfer into photography), and the exhibitions in which the Externs form the starting point for transforming the respective site.

Platinos Spaces are equally artworks, private living spaces, studios, laboratories and exhibition venues. They question the structures, sets of rules, and modes of functioning of art as much as those of the white cube. The boundaries between private and public, art and life, system and coincidence are repeatedly explored anew.

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September 1, 2023